SHANTUI 38.5ton bulldozer SD32-C5 with strong construction ability for sale


Boat type frame of high carrying capacity: The boat type frame structure and the cast and welded rear axle feature high carrying capacity, high resistance against impact and bending moment, less welding, high strength, high reliability, and safer internal parts.

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The long life design ensures high firmness and durability

Boat type frame of high carrying capacity: The boat type frame structure and the cast and welded rear axle feature high carrying capacity, high resistance against impact and bending moment, less welding, high strength, high reliability, and safer internal parts.

New track roller frame and final drive of higher durability: The planetary final drive features small volume, high carrying capacity, and high plane installation strength. The integral track roller frame features high durability, high resistance against mud accumulation and traveling wear, and long life.

Double drive shock-absorbing structure of higher durability: The newly added shock absorber assembly absorbs the impact load to protect the drive system. The drive assembly installation adopts semi-suspension elastic shock absorber to isolate the transmission of impact and double the comprehensive life.

Wearing parts of higher wear resistance: The wheel train are made of high-strength wear-resistant materials, with the overall quenched wearing layer thickness 2 times of that of domestic competing products and the cutting edges and end bits thicker by >20% than those of domestic competing products.

The modular design guarantees high availability

More efficient replacement of modules: The drive module, traveling module, and power module can be disassembled/assembled and replaced independently without mutual influence or reliance on frame to realize the returned repair or independent replacement of module assembly and shorten the module replacement time by >2/3.

Better optimized match performance of modules: The match of power module and drive module is optimized to achieve high operating efficiency and quick acceleration response and increase the reversing speed by >7%.

Better comfortable and accurate single joystick control: The control system is upgraded to single joystick mode to achieve more accurate control, high sensitivity and labor-saving, and quick response.

More powerful floating traveling system: In the floating traveling system, the track rollers always keep contact with the chain tracks to increase the ground area of tracks and improve the traction force under complicated rough roads. The cylinders feature more uniform and reasonable force application and longer life and the blade features higher soil penetrating force.

Low-consumption power management

More efficient full-power match: Relying on the drive R&D and supply capability for the whole industry, the full-power match system in consideration of both power performance and fuel economy is developed independently to ensure excellent fuel economy under high load rate (75%-90%) conditions.

High-efficiency combustion and low fuel-consumption: By means of the combustion optimization, the engine CELECT electronic injection control technology matches with advanced double-pulse fuel injection cams and optimized piston and piston ring subassemblies to realize high-efficiency fuel injection and accurate and stable control, reduce the fuel consumption, and meet the Euro-IIIA emission regulation.

Low-consumption temperature control system: The fan speed is intelligently controlled to reduce the power loss and, while guaranteeing the optimal working temperature of cooling system, realize minimized power consumption.

Simple design and low maintenances

Less maintenance points: As the grease filling points are less for type K blade, the lubrication is not required for pulley of temperature controlled fan, and the wet type brake contains no brake band and is adjustment-free, the quantity of the lubricating points is reduced by 5~8 for the machine.

Less repair man-hours: The drive system splines are directly connected to save the adjustments, the chassis is upgraded to pivoted suspension to achieve simpler installation, the press-fit by large press is not required for the final drive, and the spline connections require no professional adjustment so that the overall repair man-hours are reduced.

Less malfunctions with built-in oil-ways: The drive system adopts built-in oil-way design to reduce the quantities of pipeline and harness connectors, parts, and malfunction points. The inclined oil pipes of the working hydraulic system are incorporated within the push rods for easy protection and less malfunctions.

More environmental-friendly cleaning operation: The sealed design of modules eliminates the oil leakage and realizes clean operations.


Parameter name

Standard version

Performance parameters

Operating weight (Kg)


Ground pressure (kPa)



Engine model


Rated power/rated speed (kW/rpm)


Overall dimensions

Overall dimensions of machine (mm)


Driving performance

Forward speed (km/h)

F1:0-3.7 F2:0-6.7 F3:0-11

Reversing speed (km/h)

R1:0-5 R2:0-8.2 R3:0-13.9

Chassis System

Center distance of track (mm)


Width of track shoes (mm)


Ground length(mm)


Tank capacity

Fuel tank (L)


Working device

Blade type

Semi-U blade

Digging depth (mm)


Ripper type

Single-shank/three-shank ripper

Ripping depth (mm)

Maximum 1,376 (Single-shank)/871 (Three-shank)

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