CNCMC 60T Mining Dump Truck rigid dump truck with off road CN875D


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1.More efficient: Under the same operation condition, the transport capacity for one single trip can reach more than 60 tons and the attendance rate is more than 85% with the high comprehensive efficiency;

2.Higher bearing capacity: The 20T front axle and 35T medium-rear axle are adopted with the suspension system designed scientifically, thus the bearing capacity of the complete vehicle is improved substantially;

3. Safe & reliable: The intelligent control system of IBS auxiliary braking, the steering system of dual steering gear and the safety defense system are adopted to guarantee the vehicle safety under any operation conditions.

As the ideal equipment for the coal transshipment of the large coal mine, the TL875B coal truck is specially applied in the coal transshipment of the large coal mine with the advantages such as the super-huge packing box capacity, large transport capacity, low oil consumption, low maintenance fees and the like.

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