SHANTUI 13.5ton Favorable Price SE135 Crawler Excavator For Sale


The design of structural parts is comprehensive optimized and the critical load-carrying locations are reinforced to resist against severe working conditions.

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Comparative item SE135 (Standard version) SE135W(Weichai engine version)
Overall dimensions    
Overall length (mm) 7860 7860
Ground length (During transport) (mm) 4320 4320
Overall height (To the top of boom) (mm) 2800 2800
Overall width (mm) 2500 2500
Overall height (To top of cab) (mm) 2855 2855
Ground clearance of counterweight (mm) 915 915
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 425 425
Tail turning radius (mm) 2380 2380
Track length (mm) 3645 3645
Track gauge (mm) 2000 2000
Track width (mm) 2500 2500
Standard track shoe width (mm) 500 500
Turntable width (mm) 2490 2490
Distance from slewing center to tail (mm) 2375 2375
Working range    
Maximum digging height (mm) 8495 8495
Maximum dumping height (mm) 6060 6060
Maximum digging depth (mm) 5490 5490
Maximum vertical digging depth (mm) 4625 4625
Maximum digging distance (mm) 8300 8300
Maximum digging distance at ground level (mm) 8175 8175
Working device minimum turning radius (mm) 2445 2445
Maximum lifting height of bulldozer blade (mm) - -
Maximum digging depth of bulldozer blade (mm) - -
Model QSF3.8T(China III) WP4.1(China III)
Type 4-cylinder inline and water-cooled and turbocharged Inline 4-cylinder, high pressure common rail, and water-cooled and turbocharged
Displacement (L) 3.76 3.76
Rated power (kW/rpm) 86/2200 92/2200
Hydraulic system    
Type of hydraulic pump Variable displacement duplex plunger pump Variable displacement duplex plunger pump
Rated working flow (L/min) 2x130 2x130
Bucket capacity (m³) 0.4~0.65(0.55) 0.4~0.65(0.55)
Swing system    
Maximum swing speed (r/min) 11.3 11.3
Brake type Mechanically applied and pressure released Mechanically applied and pressure released
Digging force    
Bucket arm digging force (KN) 70 70
Bucket digging force (KN) 97 97
Operating weight and ground pressure    
Operating weight (kg) 13500 13500
Ground pressure (kPa) 41.5 41.5
Traveling system    
Traveling motor Axial variable displacement plunger motor Axial variable displacement plunger motor
Traveling speed (km/h) 3.25/5.2 3.25/5.3
Traction force (KN) 118 118
Gradeability 70%(35°) 70%(35°)
Tank capacity    
Fuel tank capacity (L) 220 245
Cooling system (L) 20 20
Engine oil capacity (L) 12 12
Hydraulic oil tank/system capacity (L) 177/205L 177/205L


High-end system configuration
World’s leading high-adaptability turbocharged engine.
The world’s first-class hydraulic configuration features high working pressure and low pressure loss
Enhanced working device
The design of structural parts is comprehensive optimized and the critical load-carrying locations are reinforced to resist against severe working conditions.
The baseplates, side plates, and reinforcement plates of bucket are made of high-strength wear-resistant material to improve the durability of bucket.
The booms, bucket arms, and buckets of diversified specifications can be combined easily to adapt to diversified working conditions

Drive sprockets, idlers, track rollers, carrier rollers, and tracks
With 30 years of R&D and manufacturing experiences of drive sprockets, idlers, track rollers, carrier rollers, and tracks and with industry’s leading technologies, it’s the first choice for excavators.
The mature and high-quality forging and heat treatment processes guarantee stable and reliable quality
Intelligent electronic control and optimal power control
The intelligent control system realizes the optimal match between power system and hydraulic system to improve the working efficiency and reduce the fuel consumption.
The man-machine friendly new generation intelligent electronic control system enables you to master all working status of your machine.
Four preset working modes of P (Heavy-Load), E (Economic), A (Automatic), and B (Breaking Hammer) feature easy switchover
Spacious and comfortable operating environment
The colors of the injection-molded interior trim parts are effectively matched as per ergonomics to mitigate the operator’s visual fatigue.
The control devices are reasonably arranged to realize large space, broad vision, and convenient and comfortable operations.
The high-power A/C system and the air-cushioned seat guarantee comfortable driving/riding
Quick and convenient maintenances
Supported by two cylinders, the backward-opening engine hood features handy opening, large opening angle, and easy maintenances.
The electric parts are centrally arranged to ease the checking and maintenances.
The filling of coolant, the replacement of air filter element, and the power master switch are easily accessible.
The parallel radiator effectively avoids the overheating and eases the cleaning.
The fuel filter element, engine oil filter element, and pilot filter element are centrally arranged so that all maintenances and replacements can be completed from on same position.
The high-precision fuel filter element features high water capacity and strong fuel adaptability and the attached electric delivery pump features automatic fuel refilling and easy start
Optional equipment of machine
Refueling pump
Cab warning lamp
Cab ceiling lamp
Cab overhead protective net
Cab front upper protective net
Cab front lower protective net
Rubber track
Narrow bucket
Optional attachments
Timber grab
Hydraulic tamper
Stone grab
Quick change coupling
Breaking hammer pipeline

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