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Power System

● The installed QSK19 electronic control engine features low fuel consumption, strong power, high reliability, and globalized trustworthy services.

● The engine is equipped with advanced modular common rail fuel system (MSRS) to meet the Euro-IIIA/China-III emission regulation.

● Cyclone intake system with double prefilter effectively prevents the earlier malfunctions of engine

Modular design

● The hydraulic torque converter with locking function is applied to output the torque along with the variation of load, featuring powerful load adaptability (Hydraulic drive at low speed and mechanical drive at high speed) and high fuel economy (Fuel-saving by 10%~15%).

● The normally closed brake plays the parking brake function to effectively prevent the machine gliding on slopes and realize high safety.

● Not relying on the main frame, the final drive adopts modular design and can be assembled independently to ease the repairs

Operating performance

● The high pressure hydraulic system in system pressure of 21MPa is applied to effectively reduce the volumes of hydraulic parts and achieve good operating inching performance.

● The working device is operated by single pilot joystick, featuring flexible operations, high handiness and comfort, and high reliability

● The traveling system is controlled by single electronic control joystick to realize the “AMT fingertip gearshift" function

Driving/Riding Environment

● The high-strength heptahedral cab is applied to achieve large space, broad vision, and good space airtightness and effectively isolate the external noise.

● The high-power A/C and heating system is installed and the air vents are reasonably arranged to achieve excellent cooling and heating performances.

● The standard high-grade luxury upholstery integrates A/C air ducts, control panel, cup holder, cigarette lighter, and radio

Working device

● The standard 18.9m³ semi-U blade features high blade capacity and high working efficiency. The high-strength box structure and high-performance wear-resistant materials are applied to handle all severe working conditions with ease.

● The huge single-shank ripper incorporates super-strong penetrating force and can be used for the stripping of rock stratum

Adaptability to operating conditions

● The chassis system adopts track rollers of type K suspension design to realize the floating traveling function, achieve excellent driving/riding comfort, reduce the rigid impact onto the machine, prolong the machine life, increase the ground area under complicated working conditions, and ensure strong road adaptability and good traction performance.

● The installed temperature controlled fan system can intelligently control the fan speed and adjust on-demand to improve the fuel economy and realize better energy-saving.

● The high-strength and highly wear-resistant drive sprocket, idler, track roller, carrier roller, and track and the wearing parts (Including cutting edges, end bits, and tooth tips) manufactured independently by Shantui guarantee higher durability

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Parameter name SD60-C5 Standard version
Performance parameters
Operating weight (Kg) 70630
Ground pressure (kPa) 130.2
Engine model QSK19
Rated power/rated speed (kW/rpm) 450/1800
Overall dimensions
Overall dimensions of machine (mm) 10390*4690*4370
Driving performance
Forward speed (km/h) F1:0-3.8 F2:0-6.8 F3:0-11.8
Reversing speed (km/h) R1:0-5.1 R2:0-9.2 R3:0-15.8
Chassis System
Center distance of track (mm) 2500
Width of track shoes (mm) 610 (Optional 710/810)
Ground length(mm) 3840
Tank capacity
Fuel tank (L) 1150
Working device
Blade type Semi-U blade
Digging depth (mm) 715
Ripper type Single-shank
Ripping depth (mm) 1435

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